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Czystoziarnisty Whole&Pure

Czystoziarnisty Whole&Pure to gama niezwykłych produktów.

Why? Aware of the influence on eating habits we decided to enchant the ordinary loaf and get more out of it.

Czystoziarnisty Whole&Pure are exceptional, nutritious products that break with stereotypical thinking about bread.

How did we do this? First we put into it the best of nature and a little bit of our heart.

The first product that came out of this mixture was Czystoziarnisty Whole&Pure Classic.

It was the beginning of our journey towards health, but also pleasure. We believe you do not have to compromise any of the two.

Now you can savour the taste knowing that you are supplying your body with the best nutrients.

And when you are tempted for a bit of sweetness, reach for Bar Berry, a unique blend of grains and specially prepared raspberries.

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Gluten free products


Gluten free diet is often associated with giving up bread or being forced to prepare it in a complicated way. To meet the needs of consumers who consciously resign from consuming wheat flour among others, we present confectionery concepts with delightful taste and aroma that do not contain gluten. Their preparation does not require additional skills, it’s neither difficult nor time consuming.

USEFUL INFORMATION – who avoids gluten?

*Information based on materials of the Polish Celiac Society (

You can download our catalog of gluten free products, here.