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The name is a combination of the words Credi and Universum. The earlier is associated with creativity and development, and the latter with academia, or wider, with the universe.

Everyone will have their own associations. One thing is certain, it’s a meeting place facilitating constant development. From 2017 we invite you to the enlarged centre. Meet us. You will find out about the currently implemented training projects below, or directly from a Credin representative.

Should you have questions, please contact us at: marketing@credin.pl

Training at the Credin Training Bakery at the company headquarters intended for industrial and craft producers who are interested in larger scale production. Due to the wide range of production and the variety of production lines, the training is run in three thematic segments.

We encourage you to read the scope and schedule of our trainings.

Przykładowe zaproszenie z programem szkolenia “Bułka 360”


Training in the Credin Training Bakery at the company headquarters intended for craft producers. The training covers the most popular products matching the current season of the year and specific market, as well as market novelties not presented before. The training gives you the opportunity to talk directly with the Technologist, providing practical advice for bakers and confectioners, along with access to recipe database and marketing support. The trainings are held regularly free of charge. To be able to attend, please contact Credin Technologists or the Credin product distributor.

Uczestnicy “Szkolenia Świątecznego” wraz z efektem ich prac, Grudzień 2016, Crediversum

We are the only company in Poland that organizes one-day customer service training for Sales Assistants. The training, in addition to extensive theoretical knowledge, covers also practical exercises, so that each of the ladies taking part has the opportunity to analyse her own behaviour and draw conclusions from a staged situation under the supervision of a coach. The training programme covers a wide range of issues and customer service situations that sales assistants face every day. The qualifications of sales assistants are vital as the level of customer service significantly influences the level of sales revenues.


Establishing a relationship with the customer

  • first impression principle, greeting the customer, courtesy phrases
  • importance of appearance, smile, eye contact, gestures and facial expressions
  • using the rule of liking, reciprocity rule

Building sales assistant’s reliability based on knowledge of the product

  • what do I need to know about the product I sell
  • what product information may be of interest to the customer
  • behaviour in situations when I have no answer to customer’s questions

Effective product presentation

  • language of benefits
  • use of influencing techniques
  • language matching the customer – words that put customers off and those that attract them

Methods encouraging customers to buy a new product

  • basic rules of merchandising (promotion)
  • presentation of a new product in the language of benefits
  • leaflets and other techniques encouraging customers to buy

Assertive to the reservations, hesitation and refusal of the customer

  • “prophylaxis” – how to anticipate customer’s reservations
  • techniques of responding to customer’s reservations
  • price defence techniques

Difficult situations in the customer service process

  • queue
  • upset customers
  • talkative customers

The training is addressed only to bakery and confectionery sales assistants and its cost is determined individually. For more information please call +48 697 660 171.