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For over 20 years we have been shaping the taste experience with our confectionery and bakery solutions. From traditional ingredients, to increasingly innovative ones, we develop consistently with you. We commenced our journey into the world of taste back in 1995, when Credin Polska was established as a division of Danish Palsgaard Industri, famous for the production of emulsifiers and stabilizers used in the food industry.

In September 2002, Credin Polska and other Credin affiliates in Europe joined the Norwegian capital group ORKLA, contributing to the resources of Orkla Food Ingredients, a leading producer and distributor of bakery and confectionery additives, present mainly in Norway and on the Scandinavian peninsula.

Our goal has always been to develop, discover and respond to our customers’ needs, to strengthen the competitive position of our partners so that they can be ready for the growing consumer needs. We aspire to make creations that are liked and appreciated and will enchant their recipients with their appearance, taste, aroma, and texture.

In January 2003, the logo of our company was transformed into a symbol resembling in shape and colour a grain matured in full sun and a loaf of bread. In 2017 the logo evolved, we simplified it and gave it a more modern look, in line with current trends. This is also a proof that we remain open to both product and communication trends. And we want to invariably inspire you with this innovation.

Kroki milowe w historii Credin


Start of business activity

Start of business activity

Credin Polska based in Sobótka is founded


Omega Bread

Omega Bread

First bread with health benefits, which was awarded the "Heart" mark by the Family Programme of Heart Disease Prevention PAM


Joining Orkla Group

Joining Orkla Group

We became part of the international capital group ORKLA, from that moment we use the power of synergy acting together


The company’s logo changes

The company’s logo changes

Grain in the colours of the sun - Credin symbol in bright, juicy colours with red elements


The Soft Line

The Soft Line

Nutka Maślana is the first product of a line of soft cakes - simple, fast, universal and tasty cakes


Company Expansion

Company Expansion

Due to dynamic development of Credin, a separate warehouse has been created, as well as a commercial building with a training centre, today called Crediversum


Credi Cookies Sensation

Credi Cookies Sensation

The first edition of the Credin annual trade event, initially focused on the cookie assortment, now modified into Bread and Wine formula


100 employees

100 employees

In 2011 we exceeded the magic number of 100 employees


Czystoziarnisty Whole&Pure

Czystoziarnisty Whole&Pure

We created and launched on the market an international brand, a new category of bread products without flour and yeast


Start of export to the US

Start of export to the US

Our Czystoziarnisty and other products crossed the Atlantic


FSSC 22000 Certificate

FSSC 22000 Certificate

High quality was acknowledged by international document


Credin’s modern image

Credin’s modern image

Evolution of the logo and unification of Credin Group's image across Europe


Orkla is one of Norway’s oldest business conglomerates. The company’s history dates back over 350 years and reflects both good times and bad. Orkla started out as purely a mining company extracting the rich ore deposits at Løkken Verk in Sør-Trøndelag County.

Orkla is a leading supplier of branded consumer goods to the grocery, out-of home, specialised retail, pharmacy and bakery sectors. The Nordic and Baltic regions and selected countries in Central Europe are Orkla’s main markets. The Orkla Group also holds strong positions in selected product categories in India.

Orkla Food Ingredients group is one of the business fields Orkla ASA specialises in. It started operating in 1999. OFI is one of the biggest suppliers of stocks for breadstuffs and confectionery in Scandinavia and other European Countries.

Major business fields

Orkla ASA develops its activities in five major business fields:


ORKLA Confectionery & Snacks

ORKLA Home & Personal

ORKLA Food Ingredients

ORKLA Investments

Orkla’s five strategic pillars:






The values:






Full of commitment and enthusiasm – competent and open to novelty. That’s what we are. We believe that the strength of our company are the employees. We all play as one team – both during numerous football championships and in daily work. Our common goal is to inspire one another.

If you share our values and see your place in our company, join us!


We are open to young talented people who, with their passion, commitment and effort, are able not only to infect others but also to make a great contribution to the company’s development.

We believe that the purpose of internships and traineeships is not to copy documents and serve coffee but to acquire knowledge and skills, so we make every effort to provide our trainees with the luggage of experience and knowledge that will enable them to start their careers and make them highly valued experts on the labour market.

If you would like to develop with us, please send your application with the note “TRAINEES BECOME MASTERS” to the e-mail address rekrutacja@credin.pl


As a company that keeps growing constantly, we are interested in applications of professionals in various fields.

We welcome above all ambitious and motivated people who strive for their goal and for whom work is also a passion.

We are impressed by those who act courageously, actively introducing innovative solutions and initiating changes. Effective communication and teamwork are also important for us.

If our current job offers are not attractive to you but you still see your place in our company, please send your application to rekrutacja@credin.pl. Your application will be stored in our database.

“As a long-term employee, I appreciate a good working atmosphere, which I also take care about personally by engaging in building a well-coordinated team.”

Wojciech Jemioła, Production Shift Master

“Over the years, I can say that people matter most in our company. People make up strong teams that work for the success of the company! The atmosphere at work fosters development.”

Karolina Lachtera, Buyer at the Purchasing Department

“I have been observing the company that I am a part of for many years and I have been wondering what makes it develop. I think the key is a stable and active team continuously joined by the right persons involved in the progress of the company and their own, who are inspired and not prevented from the implementation of their ideas.”

Adam Turek, Finished Goods Warehouse Manager

“Determination, courage, and belief in success are the factors that lead to the desired goal, and working in a strong team in such a dynamically developing company makes this goal seem easier to achieve.
As the Chinese philosopher Confucius used to say, ‘Choose the job you love and you will not have to work for even one day in your life.”

Joanna Domagała, Sales Specialist


Submitting documents

Application selection

Job interview

Job offer

Completion of recruitment

Magdalena Kozieł
Magdalena KoziełHuman Resources Specialist
+48 71 316 21 24

If you are considering taking up a new challenge in your career, please send your CV to the e-mail address: rekrutacja@credin.pl.

We always inform the candidates taking part in the recruitment process about the status of their application.

Even if we are not currently recruiting for the position you are interested in, we will keep your application in our candidate database and contact you during future recruitment processes that will match your professional ambitions, experience, knowledge and skills.

If you want us to keep your application in our database, you must agree to this by placing a voluntary clause in your CV.

“Please include the following clause in your application documents:I hereby agree to have my personal data processed for the purposes necessary for the implementation of the recruitment processes conducted by Credin Polska Sp. z o.o. (in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997; uniform text; Journal of Laws of 2014, item 1182, as amended).”


We believe that the efficiency of each of us depends on a friendly environment, so every day we take care of good atmosphere and friendliness, and we give our employees the opportunity to grow professionally and gain valuable experience among highly qualified professionals, and we guarantee stable and attractive employment conditions and a range of additional employee benefits.

Competitive salary

We offer attractive salary to our employees that is proportionate to their competence, knowledge and experience.

Medical care

The health of our employees and their families is very important to us, therefore we offer them joining medical care packages fully financed by our company.

Group insurance

Our employees and their family members are covered by life and health insurance that also provides financial support in unpredictable everyday life situations.

Company Social Benefits Fund

Company Social Benefits Fund

Our company has a Company Social Benefits Fund from which we finance holiday and vacation benefits for employees and St Nicholas Day gifts for their children. Additionally, we provide low interest loans for home or apartment renovation.

Fruit Days

We provide delicious apples from local orchards to our employees every week.

Football pitch

Once a year our employees take part in a company football tournament, for which they prepare on a specially hired football pitch.


We understand social responsibility as acting in a sustainable way. The importance of this issue for Credin is confirmed by the fact that acting in a conscious manner with respect for safety, health and the environment is a strategic element of the company’s mission.

We implement new solutions that are responsible with regard to many fields. We think about projects in the context of sustainable development, not just the short-term goals of the company. We make ambitious plans that we implement step by step.

How do we fulfil these tasks in practice? Read more by clicking on the words below.



  • reduction of production waste
  • dry production
  • sustainable fleet
  • paper saving
  • gas heating



  • fruit days
  • promoting physical activity
  • supporting education and development
  • raising awareness of occupational health and safety, quality policy, allergens



  • sponsoring of the Junior Handball Club in Świdnica
  • donating products to events
  • promoting vocational education of youths



  • approving RSPO, UTZ certified suppliers
  • verifying suppliers with respect to GMOs
  • respecting Fair Trade rules when choosing a supplier


The position of Credin Polska Sp. z o.o. on the domestic and foreign markets depends on rapid response to the needs of customers and offering them products and services that are characterised by:

  • modern and innovative solutions,
  • competitive price
  • short order fulfilment period,
  • high and stable quality,
  • customer service on a durable and partnership basis.

Customer satisfaction, sales continuity, effective management and process optimization are the condition of successful long-term success of the company, and efficient operation of Credin Polska Sp. z o.o. is the basis of the company’s development.

The guarantee that Credin Polska Sp. z o.o. complies with national and international requirements is the use of standard-compliant Food Quality and Safety Management Systems:

  • PN-EN ISO 9001:2009
  • FSSC 22000
  • Food Health Safety Standard ORKLA FOOD SAFETY STANDARD


Innovation is a continuous improvement, a process of development of both the organisation and its product offer. We are extremely open to new solutions, we inspire our customers, anticipate and respond to the needs of consumers, and even of demanding, conscious prosumers.

CREativity, as the name suggests, is our middle name. And examples speak for themselves, we work in an innovative and responsible way, we design our concepts with regard to the nutritional added values.

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R&D projects per year
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we implemented so many baking novelties with Clean Label in 2016
0 nutrition declarations
this is what our sweet snack Czystoziarnisty W&P Cud Malina has

Credin’s Research and Development department is an extremely powerful unit that takes the following aspects into consideration when designing new concepts:

  • product trends, nutritional value
  • nutrition declarations (e.g. source of fibre, protein)
  • marketing trends, consumer expectations
  • custom tailored projects matching the potential of customers
  • refreshing traditional products in a Clean Label version

Following the dynamically changing market, we respond to the needs of diverse customer groups. We take a holistic approach to projects, taking into account both nutritional expectations, elimination of unwanted ingredients (like gluten for example), and ethical considerations (products for vegetarians, vegans). We have something good for everyone. We offer solutions:

  • for vegetarians, vegans
  • for diabetics with low GI
  • gluten free products
  • products including superfoods
  • products containing valuable vitamins, minerals and micro elements (iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium)

Purchasing decisions are made by the consumer basing primarily on sensory aspects, so when creating products, we also pay attention to their features in this regard. We present the application as it would look on the store shelf, in the final version. Not only does the nutritional value matter, but also:

  • look, aroma
  • form, texture
  • finishing, extra ingredients
  • packaging
  • logo, slogan
  • declarations, distinguishing features
  • labels
  • display stands